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Detect Adblock is the easiest & most effective way for detecting visitors to your website who are using an adblocker. And best of all, it's completely. 23 Jul 2018 Use this free Adblock detection script to show an 'Adblock detected' message if visitors have an ad blocker installed. It does Copy/paste this code to a test page to see how it works in your browser. Download from GitHub. 6 Nov 2010 In the default setup, Adblock will download S1 to S4. I carried a quick test using an outdated mipsel version 1.3.3 (176KB) from By chance I found out that malwaredomainlist (S3) is currently blocking rapidshare. 16 Sep 2013 . Some adblock test scripts like the great one from Saurdo suggest to put some . In the full script you can download below FilterLists is the independent, comprehensive directory of filter and host lists for advertisements, trackers, malware, and annoyances. By Collin M. Barrett. 27 Jun 2018 The Pirate Bay, the world's most popular torrent website, was recently spotted testing a Monero cryptocurrency miner on their websites. Free Multi-Language Privacy Policy · Download Installed to view full size. Your script doesn't work? Tampermonkey's syntax check might find the issue. Matt has already written an extensive article on why AdBlock plugin is For those of you who don't know, AdBlock silently removes all advertising and social. 14 Mar 2017 https://github.com/minbrowser/min This also uses custom adblock URL I want to check if it is ad/tracker so go to the specified website to download a fresh copy (your code will ideally need to update the file automatically, perhaps once per week (com net de fr co it se) cloudflare \/statistics\/ torrent. 26 Sep 2017 While Pirate Bay only tested the option briefly, it inspired many others to jumped on board, and torrent site Demonoid also ran some tests.